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Find a domain name that captures your personality and take control over your online brand.


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€5.90 .ME domain first-year registration

Your website is all about you – so why not go with a .ME? Use this limited promotion to register your personal .ME domain for only €5.90 (first-year registration). Take control over your public persona today!



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 $6.99 .ME domain first-year registration

Every empire had to have that first building block – make yours .ME. Register your personal .ME domain for just $6.99 (first-year registration) and take a look at various other services GoDaddy has to offer. Pairing your .ME with an email account or hosting is always a winning idea.


$5.99 .ME domain first-year registration + one month access to website builder

Take control of your online brand when you combine a .ME domain with’s easy-to-use Website Builder. For just $5.99 (first-year registration), you can register a custom .ME domain that reflects your personality and get one free month of access to a simple Website Builder tool. It’s a low cost way to get yourself online with no coding required.


3-Step Course on Staying Weird Online

There is not another person like you in the whole wide world. But can you say the same thing about yourself online? Every little interaction with another individual, or system, leaves behind a digital trace that, in the end, makes up the puzzle of your personal brand..
What better way to get yourself recognized than by using social networks? We assure you,  your uniqueness can be the next big thing, if you present it properly. Think of this as an advice from a friend that specializes in promoting your uniqueness on the web
Before you invest your time in a personal website just to show off your glorious personality, let’s try to showcase the benefits of having a personal website, and of course, tell you what the fuss is all about. Having your own website is essential. Here is why…

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